2 am

Lilies and clouds. Feelings so utterly cold. Feeling, oh so utterly cold. The warmth and the desire. Desire to escape and find eternal peace in the calm of sweet waters. Crystal waters. To find hope in the world. Delve into the tranquillity of places. But being stuck in such a stringent society and told to live life in a 4 walled room with people that are impervious to the fact that it is impossible. It is indeed a hostage situation, with no escape. How could a person who is attracted to the sound of nature possibly be happy in this set up. I see beauty by a shift in my perspective. It takes over. Enthrals. And one such beauty is the ingenious theory of love. What a nondescript idea. What a vague understanding we have of it. And how each and every one of us literally salivates for it. The word itself is so easily said and the quest to find it is tiring. “Love” is all about investment. Investing in that one person you want to invest back. Its about monogamy, its about rules. Call it a game. Call it a set square, but do not call it happiness. Do not call it an ideal life. That’s all a hoax. Their presence may be evocative, but that’s only temporary. Its not temporary, when you fall in love with yourself. Its not temporary when you are enough for you. There should be no need to fall in love. People are just an addition to your complete equation. People just come in your life to change you, to alter the way you see things. Unfortunately nowadays we feel that the addition of a certain someone completes us, while singles like myself are forced to think otherwise. I am forced to think that I complete myself because at the end of the day its me, alone, with nothing but my 2 am thoughts. Then why is this pairing so pivotal? Why cant I define myself? Now people may think that love is all there is but looking through this thick ice I assure you that the want for it is indeed driving you all a little bit insane.


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