Let me be

So apparently the only way to get blog-famous is to captivate my readers by choosing one particular topic that i’d like to discuss in every post. No. Simply impossible. There are a million explosive thoughts in my mind every second of the day and you cannot expect me to write in a meticulous manner. I fear the post-presention of my volatile emotions would allow the society to make me feel like a pariah. They say they’ll allow indulgence but instead follow up with nothing but despair.

 ‘Let me be’ I shout till my throat is ablaze and smoking like a chimney. No reply. I shout again and it feels like my voice has reached distant places, far off places but to my concern its unheard. I exist. My voice echoes. Why can’t you hear me? I say Let me be. Let me be or the walls you’ve built to stop the penetration of my echoing sorrow will burn down in flames. My tears will ease the fire but my sapient self will cease to exist. I fall down, covered with sediment. Immersed in sentiment. ‘We will let you be’ I hear someone say from afar. I help myself up, every inch of me aching. The blood that rushes through my perishing body ignites. Ignites with such fury. They hear me. Raging tears cut open my cheeks leaving me breathless as i try to steady myself. They finally heard me. As soon as i’m on my feet I hear a voice crackle. A dead yet guttural voice behind me says ‘We will let you be as long as you are what we want you to be’.

A sharp pain in my chest. I look around to see people. Their lifeless forms. Lurking in the midst is a human figure with a gaze as sharp as a razor. Hands that caused this bloodbath. Tattooed head to toe with the word, society. 


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